Illustrated History of Heart Disease, and My Thoughts


This article ^^^^ posted on is an incredibly insightful display of how as population has increased we have become increasingly intelligent within our minds but not within our hearts. As a woman who has a family history of heart disease with numerous members of my family having suffered from heart attacks I can make a testament to this: I believe strongly that stress is the #1 cause of heart disease. Of course I am not a cardiologist but there are a few things I have noticed in the family members that suffer from heart disease:

1) Too much work, not enough play ( = mental stress)

2) Too much grease, not enough greens (= physical stress)

3) Too much resentment, not enough forgiveness ( = emotional stress)

Have you ever noticed that people who tend to suffer from heart disease are highly irritable, angry, or closed off in their emotions? 

It is about time that we begin recognizing disease as a whole-being issue. It’s not just about eating greasy food or not exercising’s about the immense amount of unreasonable pressure we harbor within our souls. It’s about the amount of stress we “put up with” just to get by. It’s unfair, but it’s also a person choice. 

As someone living with a “genetic predisposition to heart disease” I choose to live a life filled with as much peace, greens, and joy as possible as a preventative measure — and as a way to live a purely wholesome life filled with longevity and abundance. 


What kinds of heart-healthy or heart-harming choices are you making today??


Namaste ya’ll,




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